Product Recall

September 28th, 2015 - MUSTANG SURVIVAL RECALL 

Please take note of the recall of the MD315X models.  This would include MD3153, MD3154, MD3155 and the MD3157. Click here to view the recall notice from Mustang Survival


Security Statement IKAROS Parachute rocket, red

We hereby give notice of the recall of IKAROS Parachute rocket, red lot number 1111011, 1111012, 1111013, 1111014, 1112001 and 1112002.
The reason for this recall is that in these batches we have identified a small risk of the water tightness under extreme conditions. During testing we discovered that if the signals are submerged for more than 24 hours at a depth of one meter, there is a small risk of water ingress through the top lid.

If you have purchased this product from Spartan Marine, please contact your closest Spartan branch to have new caps fitted on this product.

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