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Plates & Lifters

Spartan carries a wide range of plates and lifters of various sizes and composition. 

Products and Features

  • Deck plates - Cast bronze - Cover with o-ring seal, polished, drilled and countersunk for 3/16" fasteners
  • Deck plates - ABS - White & watertight  with hand access holes & neoprene o-ring seal
  • Deck plate - Poly carbonate - White with recessed T-handle lock & o-ring seal
  • Flat top deck plates - White with resin for lifetime durability & in-laid to ensure a tight seal every time
  • Deck plates - Polypropylene - UV-stabilized watertight  with access holes & O-rings, assorted sizes
  • XLarge flush hatch lifter - Brass - Burnished cast brass with full size handle for lifting heavy hatches 
  • Flush hatch lifter- Brass - Cast Brass with full handle for lifting heavy hatches
  • Flush hatch lifter - Stainless steel - 2-1/4x3" Brass
  • Flush hatch lifter - Stamped stainless - 316 Stainless steel

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